Saturday, July 01, 2006

Personal History

Lida was born in April 1975, in Tehran. As I was told she was a healthy, normal child from the beginning and had no threatening illnesses prior to her cancer diagnosis. In the past, she had only some episodes of cold and flu and at age thirteen tonsil removals surgery was performed on her due to a minor infection.As far as our family is concerned, my parents and sister were always healthy and never had any life threatening illness. Our Grandmother, my dad’s mom, on the other hand is a cancer survival for twenty-six years now; she is ninety-six years young.Lida has lived in Southern California for about twelve years; she lives close to her friends and relatives in Orange County. She has fate in higher power and I truly believe that she is a strong individual who can overcome any kind of obstacles, as she has in the past. She believes that for courageous people failure is never an option. She also believes that Life is something to cherish and to hold and there is no second opportunity to go back.